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FanLogic is driving the next evolution in brand awareness and consumer loyalty utilizing viral sharing, data analytics, gamification and influencer marketing. FanLogic is a brand referral platform used to drive leads and increase brand engagement. FanLogic’s digital lead and sales generation success is driven through its proprietary peer to peer referral based contests, loyalty programs and incentives, coupons, sweepstakes, charitable initiatives, branded games, 50/50 lotteries and charity draws, and social daily fantasy sports and entertainment contests.

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Managed Campaigns

FanLogic provides clients a proven method of attracting new customers and gaining detailed, relevant information on new and existing customers. When we deliver a managed campaign for a client, FanLogic does all the heavy lifting from beginning to end.

We work for you and with you from beginning to end. We make sure we understand what your brand needs and we develop a plan to provide those needs. We create a contest or other offering, we launch and manage the contest and report progress to you during the life of the contest. We draw, vet and contact the winners and provide you with their information to make prize fulfillment easy and convenient. We present you with entrants names and up to date information so that you can add them to your network for remarketing. Finally we provide you an analytics report with pertinent information that you requested – and insights into that information to help guide your marketing efforts going forward. We do take care of all the heavy lifting!

The Contest

We create beautiful and engaging contests where users are incentivized to perform digital actions such as refer a friend to the contest via social media or direct by SMS or email, register to your newletter, watch an educational video, or answer a survey.

Contests are designed to look great while motivating fans to perform various actions that are beneficial for the brand. The first step is understanding your brand’s story, position and wants and needs. We then work with you to develop a custom contest or other offering that will be cohesive with your existing messaging and marketing while driving the results you desire.


Every FanLogic campaign comes with quantifiable deliverables. We not only provide data from the campaign but also insights about what the data is saying. The combination of quantitative and qualitative reporting results in usable information that allows you to make sure you are marketing wisely.

The days of not knowing exactly what you get for your marketing dollar are over. We will provide you names with up to date emails and phone numbers to remarket to. You will be provided an after-action report giving you information like how many people saw the contest, how many entered, how many signed up for remarketing, what device they used, where they are, etc . . . custom information based on your needs.

We also can provide custom surveys based on what you really want to know about your customers, potential customers and how they feel about your business. You create the survey questions. We reward fans for taking the survey so the response rate is high and the information is factual. Get the information you want and pay for results you understand.

FanLogic Network

In the network, FanLogic brings together brands and customers in a digital space where brands can interact with customers to offer incentives, reward advocates, get feedback and more. Customers will find games, surveys, contests, chat rooms and more; all offering incentives from their favorite brands.

The network is our vision for what a true fanspace can be. We are building out the Network with two primary goals in mind: a place where fans have fun and want to be, at the same time a place brands and fans can interact for the betterment of both. It is going to be unique!

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Effective campaigns that drive people and let you know who your customers are happens because of the features.

Pertinent data collection

On top of standard demographic data; gender, age, device and location, FanLogic Connect can collect market analysis data. Learn more about your customers and how to communicate with them.

Viral Marketing

Boost your marketing dollars by letting advocation work for you. Our sharing module allows users to communicate with their friends on your behalf. For every friend that signs up your advocate is awarded with more chances to win.

Influencer marketing

Plug into influencer marketing. FanLogic can connect you with some of the best influencers for your market. Then our platform delivers data and lead lists that you can use after the campaign.

Lead generation

let your customers grow your lead list with interested consumers. Users are given the opportunity to opt into your privacy and terms so you can remarket to them during and after the contest to learn more about you and your products.


Reward your contestants for the digital actoions you want them to do. Watch a video, sign up to your newletter, visit a landing page, sign up to your service.analysis

Shared Coupons

Reward your consumers with coupons and deals that grow as they are shared. Every coupon that is shared and then claimed increases the value of your consumer's coupon.

Did You Know

of customers are acquired
through social media
of consumers trust
peer recommendations
of consumers want
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