3 Reasons You Should Use Social Media To Promote Your Contest

Digitally driven contests are an effective method for promoting your business and its goods or services. Simply put: people love the opportunity to participate in contests and win free things. Free things say, “We appreciate your business, and we appreciate you.” And thanks to the power of social media marketing, reaching out to your audience […]

6 Tips For Demonstrating Your Sweepstakes’ Legitimacy

Sweepstakes fraud is costly.  In the past three years alone, over 460,000 American consumers have lost more than $330 million dollars to fraudulent sweepstakes, contests, and lotteries. Traditionally, sweepstakes scams have contacted unsuspecting victims via mail or phone.  Colorful, professionally printed envelopes promise hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Polite, friendly “agents” are excited for “winners” […]