Digitally driven contests are an effective method for promoting your business and its goods or services. Simply put: people love the opportunity to participate in contests and win free things. Free things say, “We appreciate your business, and we appreciate you.” And thanks to the power of social media marketing, reaching out to your audience with the chance to score prizes and swag has never been simpler.

Building brand loyalty isn’t the only reason you should use social media to promote your contest, though. Let’s check out three more reasons below:

  • Gain In-Depth User Data Insights To enter a contest, entrants must provide some of their personal information so that the contest’s sponsor can contact them if they win. A digitally driven contest offers the unique opportunity to garner additional information, such as entrants’ age, gender, and location. Social media platforms allow you to gather more information about entrants, including their hobbies and friends. Surveys, which you can easily attach to contests, let you collect custom data for even deeper analysis of entrants. You can get to know your audience like never before. Once you know it, you can plan your digital marketing strategies accordingly and grow it.
  • Facilitate Organic Sharing The beauty of social media is that content isn’t just meant to be seen. It’s meant to be shared. Virtually every social media platform has a share function. Apps that enable sharing on the few platforms that don’t, such as Instagram, are readily available. Consumers trust their friends. So, by extension, they trust the content that their friends share. Moreover, they trust the content that their friends share more than advertisements. Contests shared by friends have a higher chance of earning your desired ROI, facilitating organic sharing, and converting viewers into consumers.
  • Spread Brand Awareness Brand awareness isn’t about just making a sale or two. It’s about ensuring consumers know your brand. Knowing a brand is like knowing a person. When consumers know a brand, they trust it. They prefer to do business with it over any other brand. Instead of making a one-time purchase from that brand, they continue pouring money into it. A sale is always nice, but brand loyalty keeps the money flowing in. A contest repeatedly shared on social media ensures your brand is seen—and known—not just by your target audience, but by your audience members’ friends.

The key is to reward consumers for sharing your contests across social media. Doing so facilitates organic sharing from consumer to consumer. Organic sharing spreads brand awareness, builds brand loyalty, and allows you to gain valuable, in-depth user data insights all at the same time.