The 2018 holiday season is fast approaching.  Every holiday season, retailers change their marketing strategies in hopes of drawing holiday shoppers.  Continuous advertising and too-good-to-pass deals are just two of the strategies that retailers implement in hopes of winning consumers’ attention – and money.

What do retailers’ Holiday Season 2018 marketing efforts have to do with your brand or its new contest?

Retail might be a totally different field from your brand’s field.  However, every company has the same goal: to sell its products.  For that reason, brands should look to retailers for successful marketing strategies and consumer outreach tactics.  After all, you need to raise audience awareness if you want anyone to enter your contest.

Below, we’ve listed six 2018 holiday season marketing trends that you should use to market your brand’s contest:

  • Mobile Platforms Thanks to the convenience that is mobile devices, mobile sales rose more than 40% in the last quarter of 2017. Experts project them to increase by an additional 32.7% this year.  These numbers indicate that mobile won’t just stick around.  It will take over – which is already happening.  If your brand isn’t already prepared, it needs to prepare now.  Ensure your contest’s sign-up page is simple, fast, and mobile friendly.  Consumers won’t bother entering your contest if the page is too difficult to navigate on mobile devices.
  • Fast Support Response Customer support is key to consumer satisfaction. Set up a queue or e-mail address where consumers can reach you with questions and concerns about your contest.  Moderate the queue or address and answer any cases you receive quickly.
  • Social Media Marketing During the holiday season, retailers constantly post about their sales and products. If your brand does not post on social media regularly, now is a good time to start.  The holiday season is when consumers start paying attention to the advertisements around them.
  • Video Marketing 72% of consumers prefer to watch a video about a product versus reading about it. Making a video to advertise a contest might seem like a bit much, but keep in mind that your ad is competing against posts and other content for consumers’ attention.  A video will capture your audience’s eye, even if that video is short.
  • Stories Facebook and Instagram feature 24-hour posts called “stories.” Social media users love stories because they are short and personal.  Use the stories feature on your brand’s Facebook and Instagram accounts to remind your followers about your contest.
  • Partnerships Partnerships expose your brand to new audiences. When it comes to contests, one partner usually donates an item for the other to give away.  As a result, each partner is exposed to the other’s audience.  Choose a reputable business to partner with – one whose audience will have an interest in your brand.

Holiday Season 2018 will prove a valuable marketing opportunity for all brands, not just retailers.  Take a page from their book and ensure your contest’s success this holiday season.