Website design is an important component of online marketing.  In fact, website design is as important as website content.  A poorly designed site is difficult to navigate, loads slowly, and ultimately drives consumers elsewhere.

Website design in 2019 will bring us many effective trends, including card layouts and crisp typography.  Unfortunately, “effective” is not a word we can use to describe every website design trend that we’ll see in the upcoming year.

Let’s take a look at 2019’s worst website design trends that your brand should avoid:

  • Large Animations And Gifs Animations and gifs can serve as attention-grabbing and exciting additions to your brand’s website. Recently, brands have started to incorporate large animations and gifs into their websites’ designs.  While these elements will definitely liven up your website, they will also make it busy – busy to the point of distraction.  Potential customers who become distracted might give up on trying to consume your site’s actual content.  Another con to utilizing large animations and gifs is slow load time.  Customers won’t wait for your site to finish loading.  They’ll simply go to a different site.
  • Video Backgrounds Videos, especially video backgrounds, take even longer to load than large animations and gifs. Video backgrounds are also more distracting and can interfere with other website elements, including text.  Do your brand’s website a favor and simply avoid video backgrounds.
  • Extremely High-Resolution Images We live in an era where high definition isn’t high enough. Quality presentation calls for crystal-clear, pristine images.  As such, photographers and other media creators often upload their highest-quality images onto their websites.  This is a mistake.  For one, high-resolution images take a long time to load.  For another, art thieves and the like are always on the hunt for high-resolution content to lift and use for their own purposes.  Settle for uploading lower-resolution images that are still clear and clean.
  • Overly Wide Layouts We surf the web on all kinds of devices, from wide computer monitors to handheld Smartphones. While it is difficult to optimize a layout for every device and device size out there, we can optimize for the majority of them.  Make sure your site’s layout isn’t overly wide and can fit within a standard laptop screen and Smartphone screen.  Doing so will ensure your potential customers can navigate your site more easily.
  • Chat Bots Chat bots are the online version of automated phone menus. Chat bots can provide simple answers and redirect customers to the page on your site that they’re seeking.  But at the same time, chat bots function as only a slightly more advanced FAQ section.  Instead of investing in chat bots, simply provide customers with a customer service e-mail.  Even if they have to wait for help, they’ll appreciate the one-on-one human assistance.
  • Too Much Text Consumers no longer read block after block of Internet text. They skim-read.  And if the text doesn’t get to the point, they stop skim-reading and leave.  For that reason, all website text should be short and concise.
  • Stock Images One major trend set to take over in 2019 is creativity over conformity. Consumers want to see originality, not retreads.  One way in which your brand’s site can stand out is by taking your own images instead of using stock images.  Stock images look nice enough, but they lack personality and can be used by other brands.

In today’s highly competitive online market, a well-designed website is an unspoken requirement.  To ensure your brand’s website doesn’t drive away your target audience, avoid these 2019 website design trends.