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Gain Audience Insights with FanLogic Connect

Own your audience data and use those insights to improve ROI and campaign performance.

FanLogic Connect collects specific data from contestants, including:

  • Age, birthday (age and birthday of friends and relatives)
  • Gender
  • Status (single, married, in a relationship)
  • Language
  • Location (where do you live, where to you work, where do you visit)
  • Education level
  • Interests (whether they eat out, play sports, are members of clubs, drive cars, ride bikes – whatever is important for your contest)
  • Whether they travel, how often and where to
  • Buying habits
  • Income
  • Who their friends are

FanLogic Connect doesn’t target advertisements using this data, we target contests. Who will be motivated to enter a contest to win a car, holiday, meal, free pizza, round of golf, tickets to a show or sports event? Deep data provides the answers to these questions and allows you to target your campaigns to appropriate consumers. We can collect over 100 data points across multiple social media outlets.

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