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Food and Beverage

Mondelez International is a major food and beverage corporation that manages snack brands around the world.

One of its key products is Eden Cheese, and is massively consumed at breakfast in the Philippines (the product has a 97% market share!). However, Mondelez wanted to increase sales in this market… But how? They needed to overcome the public’s view that Eden Cheese is “not just for breakfast anymore”.
Campaign Goals
  • Increase sales through educating the public that Eden Cheese can be eaten at Lunch and Dinner time
  • Increase subscriber base
  • Increase recipe data base
Challenges and Considerations
  • People in the Philippines viewed Eden cheese as only a breakfast food
  • Mondelez wanted to target mothers, ages 21-45
  • Families in the Philippines typically live outside the major cities, where they have limited access to internet
  • The campaign was restricted to the use of Facebook only (no e-mail, twitter, or other social channel were permitted)
The Solution
  • An engaging and exciting online contest!
  • Contestants were incentivized to send in Lunch and Dinner recipes using Eden Cheese for a chance to win a variety of awesome prizes
  • When people entered in the contest they were automatically subscribed to Mondelez’ “Cheese Anything” network
  • Online advertising -- Google Adwords, Facebook Adwords, and a mobile App campaign -- was used to promote the contest and support the message
Despite the out of the ordinary campaign challenges, the contest was a success! The company’s subscriber base grew substantially and the public was educated on new ways to eat Eden Cheese.
FanLogic Case Study - Food and Beverage - Mondelez International
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