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Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp

Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy needed to create an online presence and generate awareness. Although the camp was popular in the US, it was brand new to Canada, and the camp needed to get people talking and reach the niche target.

So, what is the best way to reach all the rock ‘n’ roll enthusiasts of Canada?
Ideally, a method where they share and tell each other, while exposing more and more like-minded people to the camp.
…And this is exactly what they did.
An online contest was created to generate awareness to the camp and to gain access to this niche target market. Fanlogic boosted the campaign by sending the contest out to a target demographic group of FanLogic Connect's member network. The contest spread to each person by the most trusted source – a friend, a family member, or a fellow rock enthusiast! The enticing Grand Prize (an all-expenses paid trip to the camp, valuing over $10,000) significantly contributed to the contests success as well.
FanLogic Case Study - Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp
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