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FanLogic Connect

Welcome to FanLogic Connect, where brands and agencies can monetize social media like never before.

FanLogic Connect
FanLogic Connect links users to their audiences through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms by utilizing a proprietary incentive marketing system. Our platform taps into the power of shared interests and personal relationships, resulting in repeatable viral chain reactions where your brand, message or offering is passed from one person to another in rapid succession.

Unique Incentive Structure

FanLogic Connect’s unique incentive structure builds traceable, quantifiable momentum ensuring you have direct connections with your “fan base”. FanLogic Connect’s reporting functionality displays exactly how many people respond to each campaign and how many other participants are influenced while showing the corresponding value of sales conversions. By adding Fanlogic Connect to your social media strategy, you can generate more targeted leads, expand your markets, grow your brand and convert sales at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing efforts.

FanLogic Connect drives social media beyond its simple brand building roots by using ROI based social success metrics. By leveraging social media strategies that are based on business objectives through a contest management system, FanLogic Connect allows agencies and brands to measure social media’s impact on the consumer’s path to conversion. FanLogic Connect’s native ability to enable more social sharing coupled with clear attribution for each conversion allows for highly profitable ongoing remarketing strategies.