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FanLogic Connect Contests

For Agencies and Brands

FanLogic Connect provides incentivized digital marketing campaigns and data acquisition via contests and promotions. The FanLogic Connect software platform provides agencies and brands with all the tools they require to launch, manage and analyze their campaigns.

Our contests are structured to encourage:


As condition of entry to a contest or redemption of a coupon a customer must share with a friend (for instance, via Facebook, email, SMS or other social media) or take a positive action.


A requirement to “like” or advocate the contest

Lead Generation

Our contests provide unrivalled lead generation

Customer Engagement

A contest may have tiered entries, with free entry for a prize but a paid and/or further incentivized entry for the star prize. Agencies and brands will not only experience exponential growth of their contests, but also:

Data and Insights

FanLogic Connect can collect over 100 data points. What does this mean for our clients? FanLogic Connect’s deep data enables more and higher quality conversions, more efficient use of marketing dollars, and strategic insights for both online and offline branding efforts. Who will be motivated to enter a contest to win a car, holiday, free pizza, round of golf, tickets to a show or sports event? Deep data provides the answers to these questions and allows you to target campaigns to appropriate consumers. Here are just a few of the data points that we capture: