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FanLogic Connect

Welcome to FanLogic Connect, where brands and agencies can monetize social media like never before.

FanLogic Connect is a leading social engagement platform providing agencies and brands deep user data, advanced analytics and insights. Agencies and brands consistently achieve higher quality lead generation, social engagement, brand exposure, and exponential conversion rates by using FanLogic Connect.

Our digital lead and sales generation success is driven through our proprietary peer-to-peer referral based contests, coupons, sweepstakes, charitable initiatives, branded games, 50/50 lotteries, charity draws, loyalty incentives, social fantasy sports, and entertainment contests.
Advantages to Using FanLogic Connect
Convert Positive Social Media into Meaningful Information Capture
  • Convert social media engagement into direct brand engagement
  • Agencies and Brands can now capture customer information traditionally held and owned by social media platforms
  • Understand customer influence and relationships
  • User opt-in connects key demographic data to social media activity and interests for each user
Create a Positive Brand Driven Experience
  • Reduce customer oversaturation and attrition
  • Increase engagement and conversion rates with up to 60-85% conversion and 97% opt-in
  • Platform and process incentivizes users to provide information valuable to the Brand with each interaction
  • Collect over 100 unique customer data points
Leverage Viral Qualities of Online Contests and Promotions
  • Platform and process motivates and rewards consumers to promote Brand; Ambassadors, referrals and advocacy
  • Optimize effectiveness of social media network effects
  • Leverage your current consumer's social media presence to expand your network and Brand awareness
Leverage Advantages of Gamification
  • Creative and useful way to introduce and create emotional investment between customers and your Brand
  • Spread Brand awareness and Advocacy by rewarding and motivating your customers to participate in Brand desired behaviors
  • Encourages high levels of current and future engagement and loyalty

How-To Videos

Welcome to FanLogic Connect, where brands and agencies can monetize social media like never before.

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Step 2 - Contest Details
Step 3 - Contest Actions
Step 4 - Publish
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